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Biomass smoke validated events

Biomass smoke_validated_events

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The Biomass Smoke Validated Events Database.

This dataset contains validated events of extreme biomass smoke pollution across Australian cities. If you notice an error in these data please suggest a change with a 'pull request'. We believe that this will improve the data through community error checking and benefit the whole biomass smoke health research community.


License: CC BY 4.0

This work is licensed under Creative Commons - Attribution 4.0. This allows others to copy, distribute and create derivative works provided that they credit the original source.


Online database

The Online database is hosted at ANU library and can be cited as:

IC. Hanigan, SB. Henderson, GG. Morgan, T. Portner, GJ. Williamson, F. Salimi. and FH. Johnston (2016). The Validated Bushfire Smoke Events Database [Please also include Github Commit Number]. Australian National University Data Commons:

The online version is a Web2py database application written by Ivan Hanigan to provide an 'Online Extensible Database of Validated Extreme Air Pollution Events for Health Research'.

The code for this database application and an SQLite database version of the events data can be downloaded at Github:

Validation protocol

Creating an integrated historical record of extreme particulate air pollution events in Australian cities from 1994 to 2007. FH Johnston, IC Hanigan, SB Henderson, GG Morgan, Talia Portner, GJ Williamson, Journal of the Air & Waste Management Association, Volume: 61, Issue: 4 (2011).

Authors and Contributors

The Principle Investigators of the original project are David Bowman, Fay Johnston and Geoff Morgan and their Research Assistants.

You can call Ivan (@ivanhanigan) to find out the full list of Authors.

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